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Pediatric Sleep Management Support

Sleep is something we are super passionate about! We support families with sleep for babies 4+ months - 18 years of age. We work with families all over the world to navigate their child's sleep challenges. We offer a range of styles for sleep training methods. We work with all children (babies, toddlers, teens, co-sleepers, neurodivergent, and special medical needs.)

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Sleep Plan with 2 Weeks of Virtual Support

Sleep can be a big challenge for families with small children. Some babies and toddlers struggle with sleep which affects the whole family.  This sleep support is designed for babies 4 months old- 18 years old.  Sleep support with Southern Charm Doula Services includes: 

  • A one-hour zoom session where we talk about your sleep challenges and sleep goals you have for your child. We will discuss a plan of implementation. 

  • You will also receive a written sleep plan to follow as you work through the sleep training process. 

  • Lastly, you will receive two weeks of support via text, email, or scheduled calls as you work through the process. 

My goal is to meet families where they are, providing tailored support to meet the needs of their unique situation.
                   The cost for this package is $300.

Newborn Sleep Guidance

Short naps, waking frequently throughout the night, or struggling to get baby to sleep anywhere other than your arms?
This session is designed for families with newborns under 4 months of age, whom are too young to sleep train, but need some support on sleep improvement. During this session, you will meet with a pediatric sleep specialist that will assess your current sleep struggles, make recommendations for improvement, and will provide you with follow-up notes from your session.


The cost of this session is $100.

Sleepy Baby
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