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Birth Services

Providing Everything You Need to Prepare for the Big Day! 


Birth Doula Support

We offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during, and after birth. Birth doula support includes two prenatal sessions, the attendance of your birth, and one postpartum follow-up visit.

The cost for this package is $1200.

On-Call Birth Doula Support

The on-call birth doula support is ideal for returning clients, those who have had a doula in the past, or those that have had an unmedicated labor and birth previously. This support includes one virtual birth planning session along with the attendance of your birth by a birth doula. 

The cost for this package is $800

Service Bell

Birth Planning Session

This one-hour session is intended to help guidance on creating an ideal birth experience. During this session, we will discuss selecting a care provider and birth facility, building your support team, and exploring a birth plan (pain management, interventions, and other specific wishes you have for your birth experience.) Whether you're hoping for an unmedicated birth or planning to use medical pain management, or feeling uncertain about the whole thing. Let's talk through the evidence, get the inside scoop on local providers and birth facilities and how to set yourself up for a positive experience. 

This session is $60

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