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Words From Our Clients

Birth Support - Testimonial

Amanda was my doula for the birth of my 2nd little girl on 12/24/19. With my first birth my husband and I didn’t really make a birth plan and I had so much fear. Having Amanda help us tailor our birth plan and give us all the options was so helpful. Amanda was amazing during the birth. I ended up needing to be induced. She kept me very calm and was able to help me get through contractions with many techniques I would have never known to try. She was able to direct my husband in ways to help as well so we were still able to have a great labor experience as he certainly wanted to be involved but wasn’t always sure what would be helpful. This is awesome because during contractions it was hard for me to express what would be helpful. I was able to make it to 10cm with no medication!! I was so surprised and proud of myself. I never thought I would be able to do that. Amanda has continued to support us after birth. She has provided support and breast feeding tips. Overall, it was one of the best decisions we made! I wish I had known the benefits of a doula many years ago during my first birth!! I highly recommend Amanda. She is the best! I would be happy to talk to anyone who has questions or would like to know more about our experience.

Nicole Larson

 Birth Doula Testimonial 

I recently delivered my fourth baby and am so thankful I had Amanda throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I desperately wanted a VBAC this delivery, and Amanda was always available to answer questions and advocate for my wishes. She was so knowledgeable and always available to answer questions which is so comforting when you're feeling uneasy or not well. My birthing experience, despite the hospital COVID-19 procedures was almost perfect and everything I'd hoped for. Amanda was an additional comfort and support in the delivery room and she was truly a blessing.

Judy Maynard

 Pediatric Sleep Support- Testimonial

My experience with Amanda was truly life-changing! She helped me navigate the sleep training experience with my 4 month old and our family's whole world has opened up. My husband and I actually get time together and I'm able to accomplish my personal goals during the day while the baby naps. My little one is also well rested now and relishing in his new independence. His personality is really shining through!

I didn't realize I was doing all the wrong things in regards to my baby's sleep, but considering he woke every hour or two at night and would be fussy during the day (who knew he needed 4 naps!?), I figured I needed some help (and sleep!). Amanda helped me create a schedule that worked for our family and guided me through the changes with compassion and patience. Having someone to reach out to for moral support and direction was incredible!

After only a couple days, my baby sleeps through the night (7:30pm to 7:00 am), and so does my husband and I!! He also sleeps peacefully 4 times a day and does so happily. I don't have to nurse him to sleep anymore and try to put him down while fast asleep, ninja style, only to have him wake up immediately. He now gets put down awake and soothes himself to sleep without fuss. We were even able to wean him out of his swaddle, so he sleeps with his arms free.

I highly recommend Amanda's services!! She teaches you for life!

Kara Flint

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